Modal No. 105A

1 X 5 Stereo audio
distribution amplifier

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The Kramer 105A is a high performance 1:5 distribution amplifier for audio stereo signals.

It accepts one stereo input and distributes the signal to five identical outputs using 3.5mm mini jacks. Separate gain controls for left and right channels allow the user to adjust the output level. The 105A is typically used for unbalanced audio stereo sources such as VCR’s, portable cassette and CD players, computer sound cards, etc., but can also distribute a balanced mono signal using adapter cables made from readily available parts.

The 105A is the perfect companion to Kramer video distribution amplifiers like the 105V, 105VB, etc. A power supply is included.


  • Input: 1 Audio Stereo/balanced Mono,1vpp/33k On A 3.5mm
  • Mini Phone Connector.
  • Outputs: 5 Audio Stereo/balanced Mono 1vpp/5 On 3.5-mm
  • Mini Phone Connectors.
  • Max. Output: 5 Vpp (> +4dbm).
  • Audio Bandwidth (-3db): 20khz.
  • S/n Ratio: 80db Unweighted.
  • Control: Left And Right Gain Rear Trimmers (0/+3.5db Range).
  • Coupling: Ac.
  • Thd: 0.03% (2nd Harmonic).
  • Power Source: 12 Vdc, 100ma.
  • Dimensions: 12cm X 7.5cm X 2.5cm (4.7¡± X 2.x 0.98¡±, W, D, H.).
  • Weight: 0.28 Kg (0.62 Lbs.) Approx.
  • Accessories: Power Supply, Mounting Bracket.
  • Options: Va-50p Power Supply With Six 12vdc Outlets.rk-t1,
  • Rk-t3 Rack Adapters

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