Building beyond the breathtaking

Leap is the only prefab company who has its buildings in some of the toughest environments, highest peaks and the most off-grid places of the world.

Our Gervasutti hub serves as a refuge for the skiers, hikers, mountain climbers and alpinists at one of the Mont Blanc’s peaks at 9843ft (3000m) above the sea level. LeapRus positioned at 13123ft (4000m) of Elbrus mountains is currently the world’s highest eco-hotel.

These are not the easy-to-reach locations. You won’t find cheering crowds and curious tourists at these heights. Yet each project a silent tribute to
exceptional quality, down-to-earth practicality and those hard-won moments of connection with nature.

* If needed LEAP home solutions can be built completely off-the-grid, in remote or ecologically sensitive locations.


The LeapHut project has been achieved after many years of reflection on the subjects of living accommodation and a strong passion for mountains and mountaineering.
The aim is to produce a model of absolute value, effective and flexible, suitable for the construction of new alpine bivouacs.
The project we propose solves the typical problems of this kind of installation:

  • it is entirely built off-site, ideal for transport by helicopter and easily installed on location with a limited number of operations;
  • it is conceived in modular single-function elements that can be assembled to permit flexible functional programs;
  • it is built to resist to the harsh conditions of high altitudes over time;
  • the composite shell-structure guarantees high levels of thermal insulation;
  • the interior fittings of the functional units are devised for optimal comfort with special attention to the un-alterability of materials, to hygiene and to safety;
  • the integrated technological apparatus solves the issue of energy autonomy providing power to all installed equipment and permitting the complete management of the sewage produced;
  • regular maintenance is very limited and in the case of serious damage the single modules can be removed and transported off-site for repairs.

The aesthetic features of the shelter do not try to imitate any existing model: the hi-tech elements of the structure highlight its unrelated look in the surrounding environment.

Protect what you love

All our products are conceived for a “zero impact dwelling”. This non-invasive patented platform guarantees the same benefits and sturdiness of the traditional concrete foundation, while leaving the current landscape intact. Thanks to these environmentally- friendly practices LEAP homes has received construction permits where traditional construction would be prohibited, dangerous or downright impossible.

Why Leap?

Superior insulation

Off-the-grid option

High Energy Efficiency

100% reversible building process