Live freely

Freedom comes in many forms. For us it’s freedom of taking the most burdensome, hazardous, unpredictable, costly and unsustainable practices of traditional house building process and re-imagining them. It’s about being able to live closer to nature without creating a negative impact on the environment. It’s about giving people their dream homes in 1/10 of the time at a price that is transparent from the day 1.


Frame with its characteristic shape and wall-roof continuity has become our hallmark product. It has been designed with maximum flexibility and personalization in mind. From external finishes to indoor layout – Frame can be customized to fully reflect your lifestyle, your personality or your needs. What remains unchanged is the connection with nature you feel when you live here.

Width  6,8 m / 8,4 m
Lenght  from 6,0 m  each 1,2 m
Floors 1 to 2
Energy performance NZEB up to passive-house standards
Earthquake high resistant
Hurricane resistant version available
Off-grid version available

Live healthy

We are all part of ecosystem we live in. Being sustainable doesn’t just benefit the environment, it has a direct impact on our health. Bringing most of construction in-house has allowed us to ban any glues, chemicals and materials that can be harmful for the environment, workers’ health or wellbeing of its residents. All of our internal finishes and materials are 100% formaldehyde free, sustainable and ecologically-certified.


Landscape, with its solid wooden beam structure and oversized windows, was designed for the best bioclimatic behavior and to seamlessly blur the line between the airy indoor interiors and natural beauty of the outdoor space.

Width  from 2,4 m up to 6 m and multiple
Lenght  from 3,6 m  each 3,6 m
Floors 1 to 3
Energy performance NZEB up to passive-house standards
Earthquake high resistant
Hurricane resistant version available
Off-grid version available

Build freely

Work with your architect or choose from the networks or our architect partners to envision and project your home. We will guide you each step of the way to from the design to construction and, if needed, to smart home automation. As time passes LEAPhomes evolve with its residents.The home can be modified, expanded, automized or downsized with the same ease it has been built.

NOTE: There are several tax credits and incentives on the federal, state and local levels in most countries to help fund green building initiatives.


LeapNest is a shelter, an elemental space to come into contact with nature and escape from the city and the bustle of modern life. It is an intimate, relaxing, maybe even surprising encounter with the surrounding environment.
With no permanent foundations and no invasive soil alterations, it is suitable for temporary and seasonal use to enjoy all the shades of the delicate sceneries.
LeapNest is an ecological and responsabile choice. It is an innovative building system which reduces significantly the environmental footprint: all materials come from certified sources, are free of polluting substances and recyclable.
LeapNest is eventually an opportunity. A shrewd choice which offers a high level of customizations to meet all your needs: from a private space with refined interior fittings to a sauna for your garden, or even an unconventional hospitality accomodation in nature. The elegant interior finishes and the numerous accessories are made to optimize each activity and meet your personal tastes.
With Leap, create Your Nest.

High energy efficiency
NZEB up to passive-house standard

Green integration
Rich program of greeneries, green roofs, vegetalization

Integrated furniture
Interior design is part of product concept

Natural wear
Long life warranty

Formaldehyde free 
internal components

fire-proof certified

6 times more resistant than standard buildings

Hurricane-force winds
up to 200 km/h 124mph

1/10 time construction

low energy consumption

No construction site contingencies

The minimal enviromental footprint