Significantly better home

We’ve taken apart every step of traditional construction process and asked how it can be improved – made safer, faster, more sustainable and less prone to nature elements or construction delays.

Here’s how LEAP home is better:


100% Daylight autonomy
Oversized windows and smart design o artificial light is required during the daylight hours on non-cloudy days.

Improved envelope
Insulation, air tightness and waterproofing are substantially improved. The difference between X microns of space. So tight, it blocks even ….

NZE (Near Zero Energy Building)
Energy savings up to X%. The building’s design allows the home to stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

Healthier microclimate. No CO2 or VOC

Zero Dwelling Foundation. Ecological and dry construction with the low impact for the environment.


Built in 1/10 time of conventional homes

Healthy home

Complete price transparency

Full control of the end result

Environmentally-conscious home

Energy efficiency


Savvy (“green home” tax benefits + higher resale value)